photo (2)Jessica is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and works for the Asia Regional Office of Plan International as the Regional Online Communications Specialist.

Jessica’s passion lies in storytelling, visual communications, digital media and behaviour change communication.

Prior to Thailand, Jessica spent the last 4 years working in Uganda and South Africa for organisations such as Miran Communications, Every1Mobile and Creative Consulting & Development Works.

In a contracting or consultant role, she has worked alongside UN agencies and NGOs. Prior to her work overseas, Jessica worked for the international public relations firm, Weber Shandwick.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys traveling, rock climbing, yoga, coffee and soccer.


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  1. Congratulations Jessica, you have all what it takes to have a successful career! Keep that beautiful smile always! Wish you the best.

  2. Yeah! I was looking to travel after graduation and a friend suggested CA. It was amazing as I spent time in Hong Kong. Weber is going really, really well. I’m on the digital media team, so we’re keeping busy and really at the fore-front of lots going on. It’s exciting! Where are you working? How’s the adult life treating you? 🙂

  3. That’s awesome – I’m still on the Camp e-mail list so I always get these amazing emails about camp opportunities and I want to pack up and go! But as you said, working in the real world now! I’m at an ad agency in PDX called Bernard Hodes Group – we do recruitment, integrated talent solutions. A very interesting, niche side of advertising! I’m glad your loving Weber it seems everyone I meet via Twitter, etc. ends up working there!

  4. Dear Jess,

    I was reading your review of ASA in Spain and I loved it! I am launching a new review site for studying abroad and I wondered whether you would like to submit one for me. It’s this type of review that I love, with people passionate for the culture and language who felt a connection and understanding with their surroundings.

    Barcelona is indeed quite a city, so much history, arquitecture and politics! And what did you feel made your experience unique? How many stars, from 1 to 5, would you give to ASA?

    Email to submit is reviews@coursefever.com.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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