Donating my One Day’s Wages

I’m completely beet red in the face putting this video up, but I am doing so in order to show my commitment and support toward, One Day’s Wages. It’s a wonderful, amazing organization from the Seattle area that is currently partnered with Charity:Water, HEAL Africa, and Not For Sale.

The site serves as a hub for fundraising, sharing stories and creating a community of passionate people wanting to make a difference. Instead of asking for a $50 or $100 donation, the organization poses it as donating your “one day’s wage” and putting it toward a good cause. It’s amazing how one day can mean so little to us, but so much toward someone else.

Check out the organization and please donate! They just started 2 months ago and have already hit the ground running with exposure, support and funding.

As a thank you for your donation, I’ll let you enjoy a terribly embarrassing video that I filmed with Eugene (the founder of ODW) showing how easy it is to donate.


“Impact” – Jessica Donates Her One Day’s Wages from One Day's Wages on Vimeo.

We recently “tweeted” a casting call for someone interested in being featured in an upcoming video to demonstrate how EASY it is to donate and join the movement of One Day’s Wages.

The catch?

The person had to actually donate their one day’s wages on film.

Within an hour of sending out the tweet, we heard from numerous including Jessica – a 23 year old from Seattle who works in a public relations firm.

Couple days later, we met up in a neighborhood cafe (it’s Seattle!) to chat and to demonstrate to her and the rest of the world how EASY it is to make a donation to the fight against extreme global poverty.

It’s transparent, simple, and empowering.

One Day’s Wages = 0.4% of one’s annual salary = Dramatic impact for those living in extreme poverty.

Choose the project you want to support.
Donate your one day’s wages or another amount.

Join us on FACEBOOK:

* Thanks to Joseph, our volunteer videographer, of


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