The Yin and The Yang of Value and Worth

As a way to decompress from a long week at work, I was talked into enjoying a glass of wine and watching the intellectually stimulating flick (okay, I’ll stop the sarcasm), “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”

Long story short, the movie follows the character of Isla Fisher who considers herself a “shopaholic” and learns the hard way by way of hurting friendships, turning her back on a career path and possibly losing the guy she loves. While the movie is fairly simple and easy to watch, there is one scene that particularly caught my attention. In the movie, Isla meets a Financial guru who talks about the difference of value and worth. The words can be interchangeable (worth something, highly valued, vice-versa), but it was knowing and understanding that some things are worth the investment and other things aren’t. It’s important to know the difference, but really be in tune with your desires and know when something is worth having.

Translate that into my personal life.

I’ve been contemplating for weeks, months over getting a yoga membership. Let’s face it- it’s extremely expensive and in this day and age, I really can’t afford to be shelling out $75-$100 a month in Yoga classes. As I was getting ready to walk away from this venture, I reminded myself of one very important detail. I LOVE YOGA. I love the way it makes me feel, it changes my mood, encourages me to eat better and helps me gain clarity in a normally fast-pacing world. It was then I decided that some things are worth the investment and that yes it may be a little tougher on my wallet, but you know what? Who cares. It makes me happy.

Why should I second-guess my health and well-being? I have no problem purchasing a dress or treating myself to beers at night, but if Yoga is something that affects me in multiple ways, why would I even question pursuing the activity?

As my wise mom would also mention- This is the reason I work. Of course there is the professional growth, but why work hard if you won’t treat yourself and play hard as well?

To acquire somewhat of a balance, I’m in talks with a local studio about doing possible work-study (work a few hours a week to take free classes). So there, looks like I may be lowering the cost of Yoga for me after all.

With that said- I’m now a Yogi again. I have rekindled my passion for Yoga and haven’t felt better and you know what? I’m not second guessing my decision, because it makes me happy and that is a reason enough to keep moving forward.

SO now to you all: What is worth the investment and value for you? What is something that may be a tough spending, but ultimately makes you happy?

Remember, yes we live in a tough economy, yes life is hard, yes we are in debt, but you know, our happiness should never be put on hold. We work hard and as a millennial we are innately pushing ourselves to be better, stronger, more intelligent than ever before, so pat yourself on the back and reward yourself. We deserve it 🙂

Aside from Yoga, I’d list my top 3 as eating organically/locally, traveling and participating in outdoor activities.

Picture from: The Quaker Agitator


One thought on “The Yin and The Yang of Value and Worth

  1. GREAT article! I think my thing is traveling, whether near or far, for business or pleasure. When I can pack a bag and leave “home” to explore somewhere new or explore someplace old in a new way – I always always come back restored and refreshed.

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