Do good while Internet surfing -SOSG #2

I’ll make this short and brief, given today’s news about Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, I think we’re all a little sidetracked.

One of the biggest problems regarding social media and philanthropic efforts is that while people take notice and show interest, it may not become actionable. Even the simple task of having people find their wallets to donate online is enough to keep people from donating.

That’s why I thought I’d share this site that I’ve set as my home page and use all the time: GOODSEARCH. So, it’s powered by Yahoo! Search (I know not as good as google or even bing), but when you begin using the search engine, you select a charity of your choice and every time you search, the site will donate a penny to your charity. Now, a penny may not seem like alot, but think about how often you search something on the web…now times that by 7 and you’ll find you’re donating up to $15 a week! Plus, if you use this while working, I’m sure the donations will multiply exponentially!

Also, you can go through the site to do online shopping from 900 top online retailers and a percentage of your purchases will go to the charity or school of your choice.

Here’s an more comprehensive list of ideas (tool bar, custom searches, etc.):

As of now, theres 80,000 charities! It’s simple, easy and completely do-able 🙂


*This is part of my 21-part series to the Summer of Social Good*


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