My 21 ways to contribute to the Summer of Love and Social Good

When Mashable decided to create the “Summer of Social Good,” I was ecstatic. It’s obvious how quickly social media has grown and while I find it highly intriguing, I was worried that people would lose some habits of living a very organic, traditional lifestyle. I’m a huge advocate for face-to-face interaction and meeting people from all over the world. I was afraid that social media would allow people to hide behind this online representation of themselves and not strive to be leaders and do activities that they normally would. After the philanthropic campaign was created, I realized that people, while they have changed to be more progressive and forward-thinking, still hold on to the values of simplistic goodness: being good people. Using these sorts of campaigns allow for innovation and are actionable, yet they are still helping amazing non-profits and encouraging people to speak up about their passions and concerns in the world.Keyano.SummerSolstice.Logo(2008)

As I saw this develop, I realized that I too wanted to help. I’ve always wanted to make an impact, but found it tough to find my niche. To backtrack a bit, It’s important to note that my birthday is JUNE 21ST– summer solstice and the longest day of the year. I’ve always warmed to my birth day and found it the perfect way to kick off a summer. So, to participate in the summer of social good and to start off on the right foot into my 23rd year of life, I’m going to contribute to a summer of love and social good in 21 different ways. I’ve done amazing things in my life (from planning events for The Make-a-Wish Foundation to donating blood to helping run a PR campaign on seat belt safety), but some of my fondest memories have been in helping others and just doing good deeds. Nothing makes me happier 🙂

I haven’t quite figured out the details, but please comment below if you have suggestions or ideas. As well, through the help of Philanthropic extraordinaire, Chad Boettcher, I’m also involved in Weber Shandwick’s Social Innovation group that will focus on similar tactics via three specialities, Social Impact, Planet 2050 and the Greenhouse. The team will focus on using these amazing tools and help the greater good. I’m so excited to see how it all plays out 🙂 All in all, my ways and ideas will be  everything from volunteering or donating or sharing good stories of social good.

Here’s a short list of Ideas thus far:n11503074_35576425_8141

  • best feel good movies
  • Philanthropies in Seattle
  • Philanthropic events in Portland
  • Highlight on wonderful non-profits

To kick off my birthday, I created a Facebook Cause page asking for donations to Charity:Water. So far, I’ve raised over $100, but I’d love any support. It’d be the best gift I could ask for 🙂


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