I must admit…

I’ve strayed away from my blog and well, blogging in general. It’s been hectic and a roller coaster of a time the last few months and sometimes, you tend to stray away from things you used to do so frequently and really enjoyed. You’re probably wondering “what the heck is she talking about?” So, I’ll explain…

My dad was diagnosed with tonsular cancer in the beginning of February. The news shook my world and the last few months have been filled with chemotherapy sessions, doctor appts, lots of waiting, patience, strength and support. It’s been incredibly challenging, but my dad’s handling everything so gracefully and with a smile, so I too, must hold myself to the same standard of strength and battle. I know we’ll make it through, it’s just now is the time to take each day as it comes and really focus on the betterment of my dad.

-2With that said, I strayed from writing and my blog. I’m not sure if it was the exhaustion or motivation, but it seemed like at the end of the day, I had a hard time writing without wanting to shout “I’m dealing with cancer in my family!” Yet, as many of you know, it’s tough to even say that to myself =)

It’s been a couple of months since my dad was diagnosed and I’ve really taken the time to take a step back, do some reflecting and prioritizing. I realized that while I love journalism and communications, there is inherently more I am interested in and want to write about. I love writing, communication and expressing myself and I couldn’t be happier with Weber Shandwick, but for now, I think I may leave my main PR/Comm focus to the office. I realize that with everything I’ve gone through, what’s made it most unique was that it coming from the perspective of a generation-Y, young adult. Whether it’s living in a city (from a gen-y perspective), dealing with cancer in the family (from a Gen-y perspective), job hunting (from a gen-y perspective), figuring out how to transition out of college, wanting to live and work abroad…basically, how to handle what many will call “the quarter-life crisis.”

Now you’re probably wondering, “why this blog?” and “why this reader?” There are so many similar blogs that this one may be just another. But, I’d like to consider myself slightly different than the masses. How often do you find a Northwest hippy that loves social and digital media? How often do you come across someone that at 22, has decided that through journalism and communications, is determined to change the world? I would consider myself curious, passionate and open-minded, so I’ll offer some more intriguing insight into everything going on.

I think this is a fair balance. For a while, I almost gave up on blogging. I didn’t want it to be an arduous task, but I thought I had stuck myself in a corner and whilst I wanted to change blog topics, I never knew how to make that smooth transition. I began this blog as an assignment in my undergraduate studies and I want to continue it. Similar to my life right now, I want this blog to morph and adapt to growth and surroundings as I get older.

We’ll see where this all goes, but I thank you for listening. That wasn’t easy =) But, I’m excited. I have lots to share with the world and lots to explore.


One thought on “I must admit…

  1. Hey Jessica! I think your honesty is awesome and you’ve recognized some things that are often difficult to define.

    I think avoiding the ‘quarter-life crisis’ is hanging on to tangible things that do not put much weight on the professional expectations of a gen-Y communications practitioner. Half of that crap is phony anyways šŸ™‚ It seems you already know that.

    Hope you’re well!

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