Relationship Building: One Reporter At A Time

I came across this great blog post by Sara Evans in which she mentions the top 10 social media tools for PR professionals and journalists. My job at Weber has allowed me to tap into my social media skills, so I am interested to further investigate these tools and see where they take me!

*If I were also a college student, I would encourage you to become familiar with these skills. Having participated in interviews, it’s amazing to see the skills that young professionals can provide. I consider myself lucky that during my studies at the University of Oregon, I was expected to maintain a blog, create podcasts and join social networking sites. It was nice having that extra push as those skills have set me aside at job interviews*

Along with social media knowledge, improving and mastering the art of media relations will help you no matter what field of public relations you are in. It takes a certain knowledge and pro-activeness to find reporters and publications that can be beneficial and a potential target for your respective client. If you are a young professional and you develop a strong eye for those opportunities and keep them on the radar, then you will become an even more valuable asset to your team.

I know those skills are acquired and perfected over time, but these tools will help you improve your game just a bit!

(Thanks to Mashable for creating and providing this direct post)

Help a Report Out (HARO)

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) –  The brainchild of Peter Shankman, this is the only free resource I am aware of where reporters submit queries directly to PR professionals – no strings attached. Subscribers to the list serve receive up to three daily emails, each with anywhere from 15-30 queries per email.


PitchEngine – The emergence of the social media release (SMR) will soon dominate in interactions between journalists and PR people. Those who do not take the initiative to learn about the “new press release” will get left behind. My favorite tool to date is PitchEngine. Still in beta stage, PitchEngine offers a full suite of Web 2.0 tools for PR professionals and journalists (i.e. links to your social network profiles, video and audio capabilities, etc…). Readers may opt to receive a release on any social networks they belong to.

What I like the best? If a reporter or blogger likes what I pitch, they can subscribe to my releases via RSS.


ReportingOn – Still in its beta stage, this social network is designed for reporters to discuss their beat or stories. An asynchronistic communication style similar to Twitter, the question this time is, “What are you reporting on?”

What I like the best? Journalists have the ability to tag their beat(s) making it easy for PR professionals to find reporters and offer sources.


Journalisted (UK) – Developed by Martin Moore of Media Standards Trust, this site is meant for consumers to search their favorite reporters and stay up to date on their work.

**What I find great about this particular site is that it allows you to fully understand a reporter, their writing style and past topics. Reporters biggest complaint about PR pitching is the lack of knowledge and preparation. Reporters are always on deadline and are bombarded with tons of phone and email pitches. Use this site to do the research and then accommodate your pitch to your authors interest. You’ll have better luck that way**

Media People Using Twitter

Media people using Twitter – I have yet to find a truly comprehensive list of all reporters on the microblogging site Twitter. However, this is the closest I’ve come. A wiki site dedicated to journalists on Twitter.


Twellow – Seek one another out and connect. This is a great opportunity to form relationships with reporters via this site. – A resource for beat bloggers, PR professionals can use this as a source to build a strong pitch distribution list.

For more social media recommendations, visit Mashable’s top 10 list


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