The power of the every-day person

Change is key. We all know that. We recognize that we can change a situation from bad to good.

So then, why do so few of us participate in change?

Is it fear?



Or the insecurity that the average person can’t produce world and massive change.

…well, here’s your chance.

I know you like to speak. We all do. Whether it’s conversing about our favorite shows, political views, or personal thoughts. We all have an opinion and perspective. In this day and age, collaboration is key. One person can provide the ideas, while another provides the financial support, and another provides the networking. Here is your chance for the “average joe” to be seen and heard.

Blog Action Day will be help October 15th and encourages you to blog and discuss ideas surrounding poverty. Have a personal story to share? How would you like to combat poverty? I already have a few ideas in mind, but you’ll just have to wait until October 15th to read about ’em =)

If you still have it in ya, keep reading. More inspiration to come!
All I ask is that you see this video. We all have friends who refuse to vote for one reason or another. Perhaps they think “their vote won’t matter” or “neither candidate is very enticing or appealing.” I don’t know about you guys, but I find that selfish and ignorant. This isn’t about just the candidates, it’s about issues surrounding welfare, education, gay rights, abortion, terrorism, etc. Many states have already closed their registration date, so our time is short. Many people will take the time to register, but will “forget” to vote. Perhaps they’re busy or forget. Either way, Even if things don’t change right away, or your ignorant friends still refuse to vote, at least you know you tried and did something. Do what you can.

And if there is a silver lining to this awful storm? Feel free to pat yourself on the back 🙂

Please do this for me.

5 friends- Celebrity PSA   


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