Look Ma, I gotta job!

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I have been dealing with the pressures and anxiety of finding a job. Many blogs and writers say that in the field of public relations, networking is key. We all know the saying, “It’s not so much what you know, but who you know that matters.”

Besides blogging and joining professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn or PRopen mic, I suggest utilize well-known job search engines. After perusing through dozens of sites, I have concluded that the most reliable job search engine is Indeed. Not only does this Web site allow you to search through any job field and within any location, but you can also search salary statistics, create and view graphed job trends, and share your knowledge through open forums. My favorite feature however, is the e-mail job alert. Every week, I receive an e-mail listing of all public relations job openings in whichever location I choose. Think of it as the google alerts of Jobs/Internships. 

I highly encourage you all to check out this site! Let me know your thoughts and keep me posted on any job acquisitions 🙂 (I’d feel so proud to have spread the wealth of knowledge!)

Below is a graph provided by Indeed on the job trends of social networking sites. It’s amazing to see the exponential increase in just a few years. 


2 thoughts on “Look Ma, I gotta job!

  1. Cool site. Where I like to go for nonprofit PR jobs: idealist.org and opportunityknocks.org. For arts-specific jobs, I check nyfa.org, which has a lot of the same postings and then some as Idealist.

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