Hanes Underwear- versatile, comfortable, and Wedgie-free?!

Hanes recently launched a Wedgie-free campaign promoting its new No Ride Up Panty. Now, lets be honest here. Hanes has comfortable, fully covered, cotton underwear. As appealing as that sounds, it doesn’t particularly scream SEXY. Now, how do you take a traditional, full coverage product and turn it into something news-worthy? You add a little humor! The new Hanes campaign coins itself as being “Wedgie-Free.” You gotta admit, it’s classic. Why not introduce a topic that is publicly stated as women’s number one underwear complaint and combine it with a traditional, all-american brand? It’s a nice change from most celebrity band-wagon approaches, as the campaign embraces its well-known celebrity spokesmodel, Sarah Chalke, as a humorous and surprisingly relatable character. If you visit the Web site, there are a variety of videos following Sarah through the city, on the red carpet and other well-known locations, all with the confidence of knowing that her Hanes underwear will never creep up on her.It has been discussed throughout media and the blogosphere that particular underwear/sleepwear companies have become slightly risque. I think this was a wonderful opportunity for Hanes to combat that stereotype and launch a campaign that comfortably addresses women’s daily troubles in a humorous and slightly sexy way. The campaign was so successful that it was picked up by even the Wall Street Journal. Please note the tone of the article. Rather than tag-lining the article as “The War of the Wedgies” or Ads of the Weird, the WSJ titled their article as such: Hanes Panty Ads touch on delicate issues. Some have commented that the campaign focuses heavily on traditional media, but I would disagree. The campaign is mentioned and promoted throughout YouTube and Google. I particularly like a section on their campaign Web site that allows viewers and consumers to submit their Worst-case wedgie scenario.Some may find this campaign relatively unordinary, but one thing is certain: This campaign has caught all of our attentions and has made us re-consider, is Wedgie-free the way to be?  Hanes ad


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