Truly controversial?

I came across the March issue of Vogue, and I’ll admit, the cover caught my attention. It caught my attention for the sheer fact that it highlighted two extremely well-known role models from our generation: LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen.  I am shocked to see that this Vogue issue has garnered such controversy. Throughout the internet, people are claiming the issue represents and perpetuates racial stereotypes. Many claim LeBron is represented as an aggressive character, whereas Gisele is represented as fragile, damsel in distress character.Anne Curry discussed the issue in further detail earlier this morning on The Today Show. You can watch the video here. It is also interesting to see other photographs that were taken by Annie Liebovitz for this issue. The other photos follow the athlete/model combination, and seem to represent similar roles. If you notice other photographs from the  shoot, you could also argue that the athlete seems predominantly stronger and “inferior” to the featured model.   What are your opinions regarding this issue? 


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